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South African cigars

We source specially grown tobacco for our cigars.
Santa Bras Cigars are the only South African cigar manufacturer.

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Santa Bras Products - De Coimbra

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De Coimbra

The De Coimbra is a great cigar to enjoy when you have ample time to relax and wind down. The bigger ring gauge is a challenge, but it is worth the exercise to light this cigar. Many people say you first see the cigar and then the person behind it....

Santa Bras Products - De Alenquer

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De Alenquer

The longest cigar in the Navigator Series is the De Alenquer. It is a Double Corona which may take several hours to smoke. The evolution of aromas and its complexities will keep you entertained to a greater degree than when smoking one of our smaller cigars. Although the “Churchill” cigar carries his namesake, the Double Corona was said to be the British PM's favourite. Although not strictly twice the size of a regular corona, they're somewhat larger and offer a full experience...

Santa Bras Products - Goncalves

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Our Goncalves is a premium hand made cigar but much shorter than the traditional Gordito vitola. Gorditos are something of a newer phenomenon that are enjoyed for their thick ring gauge, which offers a full yet short smoke. For those who enjoy a cigar with clouds of billowing smoke, yet don’t have the time to work through the larger vitolas, our Goncalves is a fantastic choice. It is very well priced and provides a smoking experience typical of larger formats. It is an eye catcher which is r...

Santa Bras Products - Escobar

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Our Escobar is a handmade, premium Petit Corona. To generalize, Petit Coronas are essentially the smallest format you’ll find in the average lineup of premium cigars. The Escobar is an easy going cigar, lights fairly quickly because of the thinner gauge (thickness of the cigar) and is quite forgiving. With a surprising affordability and shorter smoking time, our Escobar is not only a great way to build a strong base of quality/quantity in your humidor, these little guys will also make your d...

Santa Bras Products - Nonnie Cherry

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Nonnie Cherry

The Nonnie cigars are hand rolled, they have a short leave filler and as stated above are flavoured as cherry cigars. The Cigars are mild in strength and well balanced. The perfect cigar to enjoy at sunset with a loved one!...

Santa Bras Products - Nonnie Mint

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Nonnie Mint

The Nonnie cigars are hand rolled, they have a short leave filler and as stated above are flavoured as mint cigars. The Cigars are mild in strength and well balanced. The perfect cigar to enjoy at sunset with a loved one!...

Santa Bras Products - De La Rey

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De La Rey

This cigar is hand rolled, it has a short leave filler and a less dramatic taste profile when compared to the cigars in the Navigator Series. The Cigar is mild in strength and well balanced. It starts off with soft but very distinct coffee flavours and then progress to more spicy notes in the final third. This is a good cigar to enjoy with a good cup of coffee in the African bush!...

Santa Bras Products - Culebra

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A unique cigar in our uniquely South African cigar portfolio is the Culebra cigar. Spanish for ‘snake’, a Culebra cigar is not one cigar, but three separate cigars plaited and then banded together with our Western Cape ostrich leather. At first glance, you might think Culebras cigars are meant to be smoked altogether as a set of three. While this is theoretically possible, we really don’t recommend it. Instead, cut the leather ribbons on both ends and separate the cigars. Then, take one...

Santa Bras Products - Van Hunks

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Van Hunks

Keep in mind, with bigger ring gauges the dynamics of a cigar change. In general, a cigar’s size provides a meaningful difference in intensity. It has to do with the ratio between binder and filler tobaccos and the wrapper leaf. A cigar’s wrapper leaf can represent roughly 60-80% of the flavour and body you perceive in a cigar. Cigar length is also an important part of the equation. A longer cigar obviously will burn for a longer period of time than a shorter one of the same ring gauge. A ...

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About Us

Made from local
tobacco leaves

Our cigars are made from tobacco grown in South Africa's tobacco regions.

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About Us

Our story

Our story starts in the 1990's when our founder first started his experiments with locally grown tobacco as a hobby. His passion for cigars continued and after some failed attempts with the tobacco from the Lowveld, he discovered the tobacco grown in a beautiful valley near the southern coast of Africa where the terroir is comparable with that of the mineral rich earth of volcanic islands like Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

We source our wrapper and binder leaves from this valley. Our filler leaves are from the tobacco farms in the Eastern cape. Traditionally, the local tobaccos are known for their large, veiny leaves and high nicotine content which results from the dry and sunny environments where local tobacco is grown. The local tobacco is primarily grown and processed for the cigarette factories, only a limited amount is specifically grown for use as pipe tobacco. We source specially grown tobacco for our cigars. Santa Bras Cigars are the only South African cigar manufacturer.

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About Santa Bras South African cigars


The navigators

The early 15th century saw the rise of the full-rigged ship, which had three masts and five or six sails. At the beginning of that century Europe and Asia were connected by caravan routes over land. By the end of the century Da Gama, Columbus, and Cabot had made their revolutionary journeys, the Portuguese had organized the first school of oceanic navigation, and trade had begun to be global.

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About Santa Bras South African cigars

About Us

Cigar care

The ideal storage condition for a cigar is approximately 70% humidity at 15 degrees Celsius. Be aware that if your cigars are stored a high humidity, the result will be very spongy cigars. If stored at low humidity, your cigars will tend to dry out and the result will be a fast and hot smoking experience. Buying a humidor is the best option for cigar storage. Finally, please note that a cigar will pick up smells in its direct environment. Avoid chemical smells near your cigar.

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Buzzwords like “natural” and “artisanal” are overused and abused in today's parlance, but our premium, handmade cigars have truly earned the right to flaunt these credentials. They are made of one thing and one thing only-tobacco. Pure, unadulterated tobacco.

Aging is

Our tobacco leaves are aged after fermentation. During aging, the leaves are packed up into tight parcels where they undergo a slow, steady breakdown of carotenoids which helps to bring out the desirable properties in the tobacco.


Know something about the blend before choosing a cigar. This helps to ensure you don't choose one that's too strong or too mild. You don't have to know every last tobacco component of the cigar but must have a basic idea of the cigar's strength level before you buy it.

Are cubans
the best?

We believe that the top-tier smokes of the major cigar-producing nations are all outstanding in their own way. They are true agricultural and artisanal expressions of their respective countries. Sadly, very often cigars are only measured by their purchase price.